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Literacy Circle at Saturday Academy, Futures Academy

UB LPP’s Saturday Academy Literacy Corner at Marva J. Daniels Futures on March 10th brought together students from across the district in engaging and challenging literacy activities as delivered by Lisa Kulka (Assistant Director), Anthony Bhasin (UB Honors College Volunteer) and Nicholas Bourque (UB Honors College Volunteer). This Literacy Corner included a group reading station, in which the books She Persevered and Bear is Not Tired were read aloud to three groups of attending students. An independent reading section was also offered, in which both parents and students chose books at their grade level to read and record on their Independent Reading Log, with many students winning a prize of Liberty swag. Finally, an art station fusing free draw and themes from the independent and group reading books was offered, and students showed off their reflections from the reading through artistic expression. With a total of over 30 attendees, this Literacy Corner was a smashing success!

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