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Parents Impressed with I Can! Program

"My son had a feel of what college was...however, this program opened him up a bit more," says one proud parent of a student that participated in the I Can! Summer Residential Program. "He has become more accountable for the things he's supposed to do. He was able to make new friends. He also gained more insight about the college experience."

Parents of our I Can! students have been giving rave reviews of the program, describing it as a transformative experience and one that has students believing college is a real possibility for them. "I Can provided my daughter with the knowledge to believe that she can strive for a higher education," says Jacqueline C., mother of an I Can! participant.

I Can! was created with the mission of providing a simulated

college experience in which basic college readiness terms and skills are developed. However, the program has clearly made a larger impact on both parents and students than just their understanding of higher education.

"My daughter came home with a sense of purpose like never before," Desmond N. told us. "At first, she was not sure about her college career but now, she has laser focus on what she needs to do to get the outcome she wants in life. Personally, I believe she overcame her fear of college and to me that impact is priceless".

More quotes about I Can are written below:

Parents on the impact of college expectations from I Can: "(My daughter) had a good feeling about college after she came home. She knows that she wants to go to college and succeed" -Susan W.

"Having a teenage boy and seeing him want to do something that's actually beneficial and seeing it to the end is a huge impact in itself! I don't believe he even realizes that. I never once had to encourage, remind or nag him to do anything when it came to Liberty Partnerships." -Jhanel Q.

Parents on what it meant to watch all the students go through I Can: "It was truly an eye opening experience for his entire family. As much as we have encouraged our children to strive for college, the actual experience of sending your child on this program...was invigorating, rewarding and a reality check" -Jhanel Q.

"To me, one plants the seed by exposing others to new experiences. It was great for them to have participated as now they know a little about what to expect. They can begin to think about what they expect from college. I feel that this was a great experience for all the students". -Shalina B.

"It meant the world to me because, where else could I go to help my daughter see and experience such a great time...NO WHERE!" -Desmond N.

Parents on the impact of programs like Liberty Partnerships: "I appreciate that there are positive programs in our community that are focused on the success of my children. As a working mother, I sometimes feel that although I am a huge influence in their lives, they need other role models besides me. You all are showing them positivity that will have a major effect on their future" -Susan W.

"The impact to me was very unexpected. I had no clue the degree of success it would have on my daughter. After that, there is no doubt in my mind that the I Can! program is such a valuable tool that gives our children and parents a glimpse of what the future holds...for them that want a chance to say "I Can". -Desmond N.

"This program will be a major impact on my daughter. This is a perfect time for her to experience this kind of thing at a somewhat critical age. This will keep her moving forward to lead her into high school and college." -Celeste J.

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