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2016-17 Success at UB LPP

Another school year has ended and we're proud of the work done here at UB Liberty Partnerships Program. Across all of our partner schools and in our community, UB LPP students made an impact. I'd like to explore some of the great gains our students made this school year:

June means the end of the school year, so we spent some time closing out our in-class services and finding special ways to say goodbye to our students.

  • ​Surveys: We completed comprehensive surveys with all of our cohorts. We had 100% of Futures students complete the surveys, 99% of BAVPA students complete the surveys, and over 90% of Tapestry students.

  • We closed out services with Futures 5th graders with a pizza party and a going away gift - a copy of the resilience-focused book, "We Beat the Streets."

  • At BAVPA, an end-of-year party including snacks, bingo, and folder-signing closed out our services

  • We also hosted an ice cream social with students from Mrs. Price-Allen's class

  • Lastly, we passed out “college survival kits” to our BAVPA 12th grade students (all of whom have been accepted to college), which included books, incidentals, and a Starbucks gift card.

June also means graduations and moving up day ceremonies!

  • ​UB LPP's very own Darius Melvin delivered a powerful key-note address at the BAVPA Moving Up Day ceremony, weaving in stories from his own life and discussing the subject of power.

  • We also attended the BAVPA graduation, and watched our senior cohort cross the stage.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work, especially our GAs! It's been a treat to have you here full time.

Hofstra Visit: This month, we also had visitors from a fellow LPP at Hofstra University! They brought 30 students and were treated to an admissions tour and a School of Engineering tour. Everything went very smoothly and many students expressed an interest in attending UB!

Article of the month: Finally, I'd like to share with you this article on programming put in place for first-generation college students at NYU and Rutgers! I love reading about education so I'll be sharing some reading with all of you each month :-)

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